Current BCC Projects

Affordable English Medium Daycare school

At the BCC we run a pre-school that offers highly affordable and high-quality education. Our School teaches entirely in English to give our kids a basic English language foundation, which will help them advance in primary and secondary school. Thanks to the help of volunteers we are able to increase the education quality without increasing the price the children need to pay.

Maktaba Wazi Project ( Open Library)

Most children in our community have never had access to libraries before we opened this project. We invite children from our community to read in our library and also to be taught mini English lessons based on the books we read. For this project, we depend on volunteers for helping the students select books, and also to give the children to practice reading in front of adults. This is a completely free program open to all school-age children in our community.

Saturday Program

On Saturdays, we invite kids from our community to learn with us. We offer an English lesson but also engage in different educational activities such as drawing, music, geography, sports games, and storytelling. During this program, we feed the kids lunch and breakfast. To run this program we depend on volunteers. Saturday program is an opportunity for children to continue learning on the weekend while having fun

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